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The Organic Environments Straw Bale Construction Portal is the permier source for practical, realistic straw bale construction information.

NOTE: The Organic Environments Straw Bale Construction Portal has been offline for an update. We've now re-launched it with a new look and feel. Some links are still not working and some content is missing. If you find a broken link or information that appears to be incomplete or missing entirely please email me and I'll fix it up.

Visit out Ontario Building Officials Association Resource Page for all your straw bale construction regulatory needs.

Many people new to straw bale construction are frustrated to find that most or all of the great information they have collected about straw bale construction from the discussion groups and some websites is incomplete, inaccurate, out of date or completely false. Reliance on this bad information can greatly increase the likelihood of encountering problems with building officials, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Decisions made on the basis of this bad information about building materials and methods can result in wasted time and wasted money. Bad decisions about plaster materials, application, and methods can result in serious problems, huge cost, and long delays.

If you are thinking about building a straw bale house please find a professional companion in your area or an area as close to yours as possible who has experience (more than one building) and ask them for advice. You will be surprised how much of the information you have collected off the web is incorrect. If you find a professional they will likely answer basic questions for you without charge but will ask you to retain their services once you begin to get into specifics about your project. Depending on the size of your building the consulting fees could run into the thousands of dollars but the advice of someone with experience and local knowledge will save you many times that in wasted time, money, and effort.

What is needed is a source of accurate, current, real world information not coloured by extremist environmental or political agendas or based on cults of personality. The Organic Environments Straw Bale Portal aims to be the first of those sources. We are prepared to stand behind everything you read on our straw bale portal. We will back up what we say with real world examples, photographs, drawings, and research done by accredited university and engineering laboratories.

For answers to many Frequently Asked Questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking on the link in the menu at the top of this page.

For practical, reasonably priced plans for small- to mid-sized straw bale homes and buildings please visit our Straw Bale Plans page by clicking the Straw Bale Plans link in the menu at the top of this page.

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